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News For Nerds

Here you will find a variety of news stories that will be of interest to geeks like us.

This page will not cover all of the latest buzz (there are plenty of other sites out there for that), but will instead, gravitate more towards the fun and quirky stuff.  I will provide a hyperlink to the article as well as a short description.  If you find any interesting stories, or would like to report a bad hyperlink, please let me know.

What an interesting world that we live in...

last updated 04/27/2013

Link To News ArticleDescription
An article about Foldit.  It is a program to involve the gamer community into solving research problems.  A very cool success story.
Look's like Spot could be losing his first place "spot" on the companions list.  See this article for some new poll results.

A phenomena called "Red Tide" is caused by a certain type of algae in the water.  IT causes some amazing effects at night.
An article about a new cloaking technology that can produce a heat signature for pieces of equipment, that makes them look like other things in infrared
A capsule manufactured in Japan that is said to be strong enough to withstand tsunamis, earthquakes, even hurricanes. 
A shark that was killed in the Gulf of California, had an unborn baby that had only one eye.
Geek Dad on Wired has compiled a list of 100 geeky places to visit with your family. 
See a variety of different geeky themed chess sets.
The new "Daddle" brings horsey rides to the next level.
Scientists in Uruguay have come up with a way to genetically alter sheep so that they glow in the dark.
Stay tuned for more Geeky news as I find it.

Come back often to see, just what amazing things are going on in your world today.


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