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Your guide to all things "Geeky" on the internet.

Come peruse the world wide web for links to a variety of cool and interesting stuff that geeks like us may enjoy.  If there is a link to a webpage that is not functioning or if you know of a site that I "just gotta" go check out, please let me know.  Have fun!

last updated 07/06/2012

Geek Crafts - What a creative site!  This blog highlights all manner of Geek themed crafts from across the internet.  There are links for purchasing the items, and even more intriguing, some DIY tutorials for doing some of them.  It us well worth checking out.

GetHuman - I don't know about you, but I find the phone runaround these days to be ridiculous.  You call a company for help and are thwarted by technology, instead of aided by it.  This site helps you cut through the crud with many companies, and get you quickly to someone that can help.

How Stuff Works - A site that explores our inner geek's burning question "That's kind of cool; I wonder how that works?"  There are a ton of searchable articles on just about anything.  Go check them out.

Is It Down Right Now? - A simple tool to let you enter a url and check to see if a website is up or not.  It pings the site and lets you know if it is down for everyone, or just you.  It will also show the last time that the site was checked.  Pretty handy.

MythBusters Official Site -  Jamie, Adam and their crew absolutely crack me up.  I love watching them explore the various misconceptions in our world, and do so in a way that is fun and engaging.  Like them, I am happily surprised to see some of those times when a myth is confirmed.  They are an experience, to be sure. -  This is a very cool idea.  I stumbled across it while trying to hunt down my tablet.  The basic concept is that it tracks the sales sites for all the latest popular tech items.  It keeps hitting the site to see if the item is "in stock" or "out of stock" and then displays that information.  He offers the service for free, and you can even sign up to get email, text, and desktop alerts to find those little windows of opportunity to buy your prized possession.  Highly recommended.

Oracle of Bacon - Now before you start watering at the mouth, we are talking about the actor Kevin Bacon.  You have probably heard about the 6 Degrees of Seperation idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth.  This site allows you to enter any actor that can be found in the Internet Movie Database, and it will link them by movies they starred in to Kevin Bacon.  It can be a lot of fun trying to stump it.

Rants, Ravings and Nerf Herders - An absolutely shameless plug for a great friend of mine.  =-)  Geek, dad, and Star Wars aficionado, you will enjoy DrthGeek's quirky take on life and family.  Go check out his page, seriously, go visit it today!

Snopes - Snopes is my friend when I receive the "can you believe this" or "better beware" emails from friends and family.  I of course hold to the tried and true adage, that if it sounds to good or bad to be true, it probably isn't.  I just perform a quick search on a couple keywords from the email and reply to all with the link to the appropriate article that details the origin and truth about the story.

The Geeky Chef - I loved coming across this find.  This site brings you a collection of recipes inspired by books, movies and video games.  Whether you are interested in Data's Cellular Peptide Cake With Mint Frosting, or a little Elven Lembas Bread, this has some wonderful ideas.  Even though I don't fancy myself to be a great cook, these would be a blast to try with some kind of Geek themed event.

Translators Online (Binary - Yoda - Wookie) - So you run into a character from the Star Wars movie or the HAL 9000, but your universal translator is broken.  Have no fear!  Use one of these handy (and fun) online translators to your message across.  The Binary and Wookie translators allow you translate back and forth between English and the selected language.  Pretty Cool.  Try these for translation:

01010011 01110101 01100011 01101000 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011 00100001

acrawh cacooao wwahrccao! - Your one stop shop for converting units of measure.  They boast over 2100 units in 78 categories.  Common, Engineering, Heat, Fluid, Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Radiology and Others.  I think that you will want to bookmark this one.

Virtual NES - This is the way to go retro!  Play a ton of the classic Nintendo video games from the 8-bit era, right on your browser.  They can offer the emulation legally, because they retain the purchased physical media on site.  You can do anything from Super Mario World to the original Legend of Zelda.  This was the first offering out there, but they have also developed Virtual SNES and Virtual Game Boy.

What The Tech - This is a great resource to aid your friends and family who have inadvertently had their computers infected by malware.  The site is run by computer experts who offer the service for free (donations are welcome) to help consumers remove the infections and get their systems back up to par.  The person, goes to their forums and sets up a free account.  There is a free program that is downloaded, that analyzes the start up processes.  Once the log from this program is submitted, a tech will review and give detailed instructions to fix.  A great group, I would highly recommend them.


  1. Um... you forgot one..... Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep mini bong.


    If you can figure this one out (or if you know what it is) then you truly belong in the annals of Geekdom everywhere!!!!!

  2. If you REALLY wanna geek-out:

    The Universal Greeting has accompanying hand signals. The variants of these for five-digit species were demonstrated kindly by Wreck-Gar, who interpreted Lugnut raising his fist to deliver one of his famous punches as an invitation to perform the Universal Greeting, and reciprocated accordingly.
    Stage 1: Raise the left hand, palm outward to the person being addressed. Keep the thumb tucked to the side of the palm, pointing upward. Clench the index and pinky fingers as if making a fist and extend the middle and ring fingers vertically. The gesture should be made at the same time as speaking the "graaaaagnah" part of the verbal Universal Greeting.

    Stage 2: Extend the index, ring and pinky fingers. Curl the middle finger and thumb towards the palm of the hand so that they touch at right-angles, with the side of the thumb's tip pressed against the nail of the middle finger. This should be done in time with the verbalization "wheep".

    Stage 3: Clench the index, middle and ring fingers. Extend the thumb and pinky fingers so that the gesture resembles a horizontally-flipped 'L'. Shake the hand sideways twice, in time to the syllables of "ni ni"

    Stage 4: As the final "bong" is spoken, open your hand out so that all digits are extended and slightly splayed, as if to make a hand-print in clay. Pause momentarily and then press the thus-opened hand against that of the person you are addressing, who themselves should have a likewise open palm. Garbage In, Garbage Out

    On NO ACCOUNT should the final part of the hand signals be performed if you are addressing the Decepticon Lugnut when his fist has transformed into a pressure-sensitive weapons trigger. Actually, it's probably best if you don't perform the Universal Greeting in any way before Lugnut, as any salutation short of "All hail Megatron" would be likely to incur his wrath.

    Pulled from