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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of Bermuda Triangles and Amnesia

Just a quick observation that I had today at my dad job.

I have come to believe that the phenomena, affectionately known as the Bermuda Triangle, has mysteriously relocated to within the four walls of my home.  It is the only rational explanation of why "Blankies", toys and shoes are all where they should be before I leave for work, only to inexplicably vanish by the time I return again.

That unsolved mystery would be troublesome enough, if it were not complicated by the fact that their disappearing act is only discovered at the time when their use is required.  At bed time and leaving for the park, their loss is acutely and sorely felt.

Detective Dad, begins his questioning.  Where did you put them?  Where did you have them last?  What did you do when you came home from school?  The insidious amnesic side effects, undoubtedly a direct result of the Triangle kick in.  "I dunno, I dunno, I dunno"

Disturbing yet fascinating.  Perhaps science will someday uncover this amazing mystery.

At least being a dad is never boring.  I look forward to our next post.


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