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Mobile Apps Super List

A list of Apple and Android apps that are available for download onto your mobile phone or tablet device.


I am going to dedicate this space to listing some of the cool, useful and interesting apps that I have found for mobile devices.  It is not intended to be the all encompassing list of everything, but I do believe that you may discover a nugget or two in here that you may find useful.  It will start out small, but it should morph into the super list that the title suggests.

Warning:  I love my Asus Eee Pad Transformer, and I do tend to gravitate towards the apps that work well on it.  I just wanted to make my bias clear and up front to you.  But on the plus side, if you are looking for tablet friendly stuff, this could make you happy.

I welcome you to leave comments, but let us remember to behave in a manner befitting the ladies and gentleman that we are.  Hearty debate is certainly welcome, but I insist that you avoid profanity, crude language or the belittlement of your fellow human beings (it just makes your argument all the more persuasive).  Let me know if you have found some apps that I might want to take a look at.  Stay tuned fellow geeks, and please tell others about the page.

Also, "be a pal" and don't rip off my list and descriptions to claim as your own.  At least be polite enough to include a link to:

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The List:
[28 apps and counting]
last updated 12/02/2011

1.0 - IOS Apps (Apple iPad and iPhone)
    1.1 - Paid Apps
    1.2 - Free Apps (2 Total)
        1.2a - Games (2)

2.0 - Android Apps (Google Tablets and Phones)
    2.1 - Paid Apps
    2.2 - Free Apps (26 Total)
        2.2a - Games (25)
        2.2b - Multimedia
        2.2c - Music
        2.2d - Books/Periodicals
        2.2e - Kid's/Education
        2.2f -  Productivity/Tools (1)
        2.2z - Miscellaneous


1.0 - IOS Apps (Apple iPad and iPhone):
    1.1 - Paid Apps
    1.2 - Free Apps
        1.2a - Games

            1)  Angry Birds - Who hasn't at least heard of this whimsical little game?  It is definitely something to pass the time, if you can get it away from your kids first.  The graphics look great on the iPad's larger real estate.  There are a few more incarnations of this game which are also available for free.  Put it on your download list for sure.

            2)  Ant Smasher - A somewhat disgusting looking game where you squash ants as they crawl down the screen.  But it is kind of cute, and at the least, a pretty good test of your finger poking abilities.  My kids certainly seem to like it.

2.0 - Android Apps (Google Tablets and Phones):
    2.1 - Paid Apps
    2.2 - Free Apps
        2.2a - Games
        2.2f - Productivity/Tools

            1)  2 Player Whack a Mole - The maniacal laughter of the little rodents is enough to send you to the loony bin and back, but facing off across from your opponent as you frantically pop the little boogers on the head is a blast.

            2)  360 Carnival Shooter Free - This is a little circus shooting gallery game on electronic steroids.  Tap your finger on the screen to shoot.  The clown looks a bit demented, but your kids will want to help you.  In fact, my son saw me playing it as I was writing this review and promptly asked to borrow it.

            3)  Air Attack HD Part 1 - Stunning HD graphics on this downward scrolling plane shoot em up.  It is reminiscent of the old 1942 video game, but looks a lot better.  The free version gives you a nice taste of the game.  You've got to see this one.

            4)  Air Control Lite - A challenging game that is deceptively simple.  You basically have to use your fingers to draw a flight path for airplanes to help them to land safely.  Keeping the little guys from smacking into one another becomes quite the task.  I enjoy and recommend it.

            5)  Angry Birds - This one is listed in the IOS section too, but it is also a great title for Android.  I love it on my larger tablet screen, but I understand that it is a good play on the phones too.  Get a few different versions for free.

            6)  Basketball Shot - This one takes you back to the arcade, with the classic hoop challenge game.  Fling as many basketballs into the goal before the timer runs out.  Sorry no tickets for prizes.  Just bragging rights that you are king of the shots.

            7)  Basketball Shots 3D - Okay not amazing 3D, but it is a nice effect to see your basketball sailing towards its target.  It brings you right into an NBA style 3 point shoot out, right down to the patriotic money ball.  Score!

            8)  Battle Boats 3D Lite - If you can get past the creepy, long haired commander guy and the other weird cut graphics and sounds, it actually is a fun and playable game.  The steering is not too hard to pick up and you basically try to avoid rocks and other boats, seeking out various targets.  It is fun app to pass the time with.

            9)  Birzzle - A fun time waster puzzle game.  Different colored birds keep dropping into play.  You have to keep moving them from row to row into groups of at least three.  Like many other puzzle games that you have seen, but with cute little feathery characters.

            10)  Bouncy Mouse - Launch your little mouse, Angry Birds style, from peg to peg.  You collect cheese along the way to knocking out the bad cat at the end.  It's a cute little game and worth a try.

            11)  Burn The City Free - If Angry Birds were a monster movie, you would have Burn the City.  Launch fireballs at the city skyscrapers, razing them into a smoldering pile of rubble.  This is a creative puzzle game and it will keep you entertained.

            12)  Can Knockdown - It's a game where you, em, er...knock down cans.  A simple concept done well.  Just drag your finger from the ball to where you want to throw it.  I do want to warn you though, it is a little too easy to in-app purchase the game.  Grrrrrrrr.  My youngest discovered that for me one day.  I would switch your device to airplane mode before you let your toddler play this one.

            13)  Classic Simon - This one brings back a memory or two.  The classic memory game is simple, but a fun mental challenge.  Play the original 4 color setup, or switch to the 9 color Super Mode.

            14)  Cordy - Pretty 3D graphics on this little guys big adventure.  Collecting gears and energy bolts to charge up the exit with your extension cord.  The controls take a bit to get used to, but the four free levels are a nice challenge.  You may want to turn off the in-game purchasing in the options to prevent some accidental purchasing.  Found out the hard way, but the company was kind enough to make things right.  A company with integrity; nice!

            15)  Covert Ops Condor Lite - It's not the movie Top Gun, but it is still a fun combat jet simulation.  Take off from your aircraft carrier and get those enemy targets in your cross hairs.

            16)  Cross Court Tennis Free - A decent 3D tennis game.  Swipe to swing; I'm sure that you are a natural.  There is no John McEnroe mode for bawling out the tennis official over a perceived bad call.  (wow, did I really just date myself on that comment, or what?)

            17)  Dark Maze - An accelerometer controlled marble maze.  The added element is that you can only see a short distance around the ball as you go.  Will you survive the fiendish traps that await you?  The developer did a good job on the physics.  It is worth adding to your collection.

            18)  Death Cop-Mechanical Unit - Not too far of a cry from the old mech warrior game.  Control your robot soldier fighting off mechanical spiders and reaching objectives.  Best graphics ever?  Nah, but still fun to play.  Please put down your weapon.  You have 20 seconds to comply.

            19)  Death Worm Free - If you are a fan of the movie tremors, you will enjoy this game.  A single joystick controls your huge carnivorous worm as he wrecks havoc on the poor, unsuspecting public above the ground.  I do get force closes on this game every once in a while, but still a fun game.

            20)  Destroy Gunners F - I really, really love this 3D battle mech action game.  Mastering the controls doesn't take long at all, and you are thrust right into the action.  Cycle between punching, guns, shotgun and missiles to take on your mechanical foes.

            21)  Diversion - My oldest son thinks that this is the coolest game ever.  He affectionately refers to this as "the jumping game."  Basically the only move you need to know is to tap the screen to jump.  A scrolling 3D environment running race, faced with various obstacles and enemies.  You can also obtain various outfits to change your hero's looks as he makes it to the finish line.

            22)  Dragon, Fly! - You are young dragon in this side scrolling adventure.  The controls are simple; press the screen to dive down and let go to soar.  Getting your timing right is a satisfying challenge.  You travel as far as you are able, ever mindful that your mom is after you, to get your little bottom back home.  How far will you make it?

            23)  Free Running 3D - Glow Ball - A simple little glowing wire-frame graphic game.  Tilt your device from side to side and tap to jump to avoid the obstacles.  It may be simple, but it's still a lot of fun.

            24)  Fruit Slice - An almost identical game to the popular Fruit Ninja, but it seems to be a lot more stable on my Android device.  Your fingers become razor sharp Samurai swords, dispatching bananas, watermelon and various other fruits with reckless abandon.  Mind the bombs, though; they don't react well to swords.

            25)  Glow Hockey and Glow Hockey 2 - This is actually one of the games I saw was available and knew that I wanted, before I even got my device.  I am a sucker for the neon stuff.  Use your finger to move the puck and play this Android version of the classic air hockey game.

        2.2b - Multimedia
        2.2c - Music
        2.2d - Books/Periodicals
        2.2e - Kid's/Education
        2.2f -  Productivity/Tools

            1)  Apps Organizer  This is an awesome app and should be one of your first apps to download.  Who thought that you could quickly fill up the 5 home screens for your android device?  Trust me, it will be that easy.  This simple program lets you easily create icon represented categories and label each of your apps to fit any one of them.  It frees your screen space up for widgets and in general cleans things up.

        2.2z - Miscellaneous



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