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Make Some -Non-Scammy- Money

I saw a fellow dad's blogpost about ways to save money and he mentioned a place called Cash Crate.  He said that you could get paid to take survey's and watch videos. He claimed that he had researched it, and that he felt it was legitimate.

As any good geek, I was skeptical, but curious.  I took the time to research it and I thought that it was worth a try.  I am glad that I did.  I just deposited my first check for $24.67.  Can't beat some extra cash.

So go research the company, and then click on the link below to try it out.  What's the worst that could happen?

Here are my success tips for using Cash Crate:

1) Create a separate email address just for cash crate and their offers (no need for any unwanted emails in your main email account)  You can pick up an extra one easily at

2) Avoid any offers that require a phone number or downloading something.  The address stuff is okay, I can toss any junk mail, but don't want anyone bugging me on my phone.  And anything that requires a download I am always leery of for spyware.

3) Sign in each day and click on "check in" Two clicks for a few cents will add up.

4) Do the videos thing, since it is very easy and most of the time it enters you to win $100 gift cards and things like that.  After a while of asking you questions about your likes, it will just flood in the appropriate videos.  The average about 5 videos per day for a few cents each.  Under "Earn Prizes / Get Points" you can do some of the videos too, but not as many available, and they count as points towards earning gift cards.

5) Do the surveys.  Some will be frustrating when your demographics don't match, but after few tries they usually come up with a good match (if you don't qualify, it will let you try a different one right away by clicking on a button).  When you do get a good one, it is a pretty easy .80c or so.  Plus, each completed survey enters you into a $50,000.00 sweepstakes.

6) Check with their site for the monthly contests.  I recently won a few dollars on a picture caption contest.

7) Refer other people to Cash Crate. For every new member you refer to CashCrate, you earn 20% of what they make, and 10% of what their referrals make. Plus, get a $3.00 bonus when your referrals earn their first $10.00.

Let me know how it goes.  Good luck!

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