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Game Development Center

Your source for all my current game development projects, as well as links to a growing list of Game Development resources from across the web.

Check below for links to download the beta versions of my software.  I encourage you to download them for free to try them out.  If you are kind enough to beta test them for me and give me feedback now, I would be happy to provide you a full copy of the game for free later.  It is just my way of saying thanks!

Current Beta Projects:

Game Name: Mars Tag


PC Version - (zip file)

Description: Inspired by my boys.  A fully realized game should include the ability to connect at least two or more players in a good old fashioned game of tag on the low gravity red planet of Mars.  This beta has a single player 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) mode where you are defending your base from UFO attack.  Currently, most of the objects are based on simple geometric shapes, but there will be more and better.  I plan on having multiple levels and a couple of power ups, as well.  This should give you a feel of how it is progressing.

Screen Shots:

Development Log:

05/09/2012 - Made first beta version available for download.

Game Development Resources:

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I'm liking the game so far! the points to be taken away per shot, and the points given for each size of UFO
    Note: final score is not displayed
    Note: it is possible to jump up the side of the side to jump off and just keep falling
    controls and all is very smooth, which is very excellent.