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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr iPad To The ER

The above awesome image was provided courtesy of the one and only DrthGeek

We need to go back a bit to start our story.  Our boys love technology, and quite frankly, I do blame myself for that.  With a geeky dad, like me, did they really ever have a chance?

About a year ago, my wife acquired what we jokingly referred to as her "boyfriend."  The iPad2.  With some of the tax return money for that year, we were trying to decide how we should spend it.  I had decided to go the route of a tablet.  I had done a bit of research, and had convinced a somewhat reluctant wife, that she might enjoy one too.

My plan had been a good one, why limit ourselves to only iOS or Android?  She could get a tablet in one format, and I could get one in the other.  That way, I figured that we could get access to all of the thousands of apps that were available for both systems.  It was a good plan.  The only problem was that the tablet that I wanted, was not yet available, but hers was.  There was only just a slight twinge of envy, seeing my wife getting to play with her new toy, while I had to continue waiting for mine.  She tried to console me, by letting me download a couple free apps on hers, but it wasn't quite the same.  She got to be first (ah, the Geek-ster's lament).

Though initially skeptical, my wife fell head over heels in love with her iPad.  She barely even touched our family computer any more and did just about everything on her new little friend.  A question that almost immediately came up was whether or not to let our two young children (then 3 and 4) actually play on Mommy's expensive tablet.  After some trepidation and with strict supervision, she let them begin to explore it.  As kids are apt to do (see my related article "Rise of the Junior Geeks"), they began picking up on it right away and loved it. Even dad eventually got his baby and with little prompting necessary, I shared the joys of my toy as well.

Soon, they and the tablets were practically inseparable.  My boys enjoyed our tablets so much, that we decided to get them there own "kid" tablets for Christmas.  Looking at our options, we considered the Innotab from Vtech and the Leap Pad from Leap Frog.  We finally decided on the Innotab and awaited the joyous reactions from our kids at getting their own tablets.  Christmas came and the liked them okay, but the strangest thing happened.  They did not stop playing with our tablets.  We had fallen into the parental trap of spoiling them with the good stuff first (who wants to downgrade from a Harley Davidson to a Big Wheel).  Proud of their taste, but ugh!!!!

That brings us to a few months ago.  My son reached for mommy's iPad one day and said, "What's that stuff on the screen?"  I asked him for it, thinking that I would encounter the normal toddler messy finger junk on the glass, but instead I was met with a terrible sight.  Multiple hairline cracks had appeared on the lower left hand corner.  The horror!  Not wanting to see the quick and early demise of my youngest, I decided to break the news to my wife personally.  She was obviously devastated, but she refrained from breaking that particular commandment.

We had pieced together that it had been dropped, and despite the injury, it still was functioning.  Phew!  Keeping it in a leather case, she forwent my offer to have it repaired.  Less than a couple months later, though, disaster struck again.  This time it was Mommy.  Exiting our front door on the way out to church, the iPad slipped out onto the porch.  Had it not been for previous mishap, it probably would have escaped without a scratch.  Weakened, the damage to the glass was much more severe (I could see a sliver of the glass completely missing at the bottom).

This time, there could be no more delays, we had to call in the experts.  I checked around the Internet for some places and prices, when a friend of mine suggested a local company called Disciple Technologies.  We made contact, and their prices seemed reasonable, so we dropped off the precious cargo in their intensive care unit.  A couple nail biting days later, the report came in, the boyfriend had made it through surgery.

We were very pleased with their work and would recommend them to others.  As for the boyfriend?  He spends most of his time in his reinforced, shock resistant case, and...

...yes, the boy forgiven, is even allowed to play with him.  Sometimes.



  1. "A bit" of research?!?! If I recall correctly, there could have been enough research to fill a dissertation on the merits of Android tablets over iOS technology.... And then some which inspired my wife to venture out into the tech world via her Kindle Fire!

    All kidding aside, I have to hand it to you: you are rivaled in your research abilities only by my wife. And that's saying something!

  2. Can't deny who I am. And most definitely I would agree that DrthGeek's wife is a master researcher. One of may good traits. But hey, who am I telling that to?

    Thank you for your readership and always generous comments.


  3. Great story. My iPad 2 is an important part of my life too. I preach from it, even.

  4. Thanks for reading the article and the reply.

    They are very handy for sure. I sometimes use a remote feature on mine. It was a free download of "Unified Remote" that I can control a lot of functions on my laptop that I use for services through the wi-fi signal.

    I looked, and I don't think that particular company produces for IOS, but I am sure Apple has an equivalent. Great for loading up multimedia files or presentations while you minister.

    I am looking forward to more great stuff from


  5. Ironically, my little friend took a mini tumble the other day and the frame came loose and the power and volume toggle weren't sticking out right. Grrrrrr. But no other damage that I could tell.

    I did not want to fiddle with it myself and actually break it. I went to my friend Nathan at Disciple and he was very kind helped me get things back in order for a very reasonable price. They score again. I can't say enough those guys. If you are in their area, I would definitely suggest you try them.